Aerial work platform with double telescopic boom with electro-hydraulic proportional compensated controls with flow sharing. Max. working height 28 m, max. outreach 14 m, continuous turret rotation complete with: electro-hydraulic proportional compensated distributor with flow sharing; control with distributor for independent movement of outriggers, quick-release aluminum basket; operator arm interlock from ground and platform; 230 V electric socket in basket; air/water max 100 bar socket in basket; electric hour-counter connected to power take-off coupling control; remote assistance through new CRSS system via GSM. Accessories included for Industry 4.0: Automatic Stabilization, Automatic Locking, Certified Lifting Hook with 390 kg capacity. Cradle with max. load capacity 350 kg, possibility of working below ground level up to 6 m. Documentation suitable for disembarkation at height. Platform for loading materials. All mounted on a 6 tonne Ptt vehicle.


  • 2400 mm aluminum nacelle replacing the 1800 mm.
  • White non-marking tracks
  • Air/water inlet in nacelle
  • Additional 700 mm aluminum carry cage (For pruning work)
  • Brushes on main arms (For pruning work)
  • Electric winch with differentiated capacities (see working area)
  • Approved platform for loading and unloading materials with folding tailgates
  • Fixed intercom system