Working height 28 m, Lateral outreach 14 m, Stagger height 12 m, Nacelle platform height 26 m, Nacelle carrying capacity 250 kg (2 persons), Hydraulic outriggers N. 4, Rotation 360° continuous, 100% hydraulic low-pressure controls, Minimum installation PTT 6 ton Double pantograph to raise the platform without changing the position of the nacelle in relation to the center of the fifth wheel. The maximum height of the pantograph corresponds to the maximum overrun height. The pantograph consists of 2 arms, connected to each other by a header, which move simultaneously. Telescopic arm consisting of 3 elements, 2 of which are extendable. The positioning of cables and pipes inside the arm guarantees protection against shocks, accidental falling tools, etc. The boom allows vertical and horizontal development of the platform’s working area. 100% hydraulic controls direct from the nacelle to ensure maximum reliability over time and great maneuvering precision. Location for emergency controls from the ground. The controls allow several movements to be carried out simultaneously and achieve a greater sensitivity to progressive and gradual maneuvering than electro-hydraulic controls, as well as preventing failure of electrical components due to rainy weather, humidity, frequent use, etc.